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Setting up your onine dating profile fast, easy and correctly.


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All of the dating sites have various profile formats and different options to help you along in posting your most impressive (but honest) online dating profile. Some will have preset questions that you can answer which makes putting your profile together much easier for sure, other sites allow you to go crazy and write free hand. Most of the online dating sites you join (there is no limit of course) are a combination of questions and free hand which is nice since they ensure you have the minimum amount of "interesting" information and still allow you the freedom to express yourself in the way you see fit.

OK, now before we start talking about your profile itself, one of the most important aspects of your profile is your picture. I know, you might feel having to post a photo means everyone else is shallow, or that someone at work might see your photo online. As far as the shallow part, I disagree as we all make visual connections between what we see and what we read, why else are there graphics on web sites, just to slow down the page loads, nope. The reality is that you must have a visual connection to your written profile.

As far as the possibility of someone at work seeing your photo, first at most dating sites you must join in order to view the other member dating profiles, second at least "you" are doing much more then sitting at home just waiting for Mr. Right or Ms. Right to come strolling in your front door, so good for you!  On your photo, what you look like isn't important, without a picture other people will feel your "hiding something" or are just not very honest. So, find a nice photo of yourself, not too formal, not too casual but nice and one with a big smile (unless you're missing all your teeth), and get ready because you're going to need it for your profile.

Oh yea, one more thing... don't use a photo from 10 years ago, don't wear a wig, hide your glasses or tweak out your picture on Photoshop. Eventually when you do meet your soul mate, you want them to see who they expected to see, not something "doctored" to impress them.


Online Dating Honesty - The single most important thing of anything you could ever do when it comes to your online dating profile is to be honest. White lies and exaggerations are just as bad as full blown lies so just don't do it. If all you want is a pen pal, then fine you can be hot, rich and a "10" and you can even say you travel the world on your yacht because well, you also own the yacht company. If you're part of the 99% of the single people out there that are serious about meeting your mate and you plan on moving forward during the process with emails, phone calls and eventually meeting for coffee etc. then be honest, and be you - nothing less.

Honesty during online dating is important!  
  Most people (I did it too in the beginning) don't estimate their height and weight very well while writing their dating profile, how convenient, and some will decide what they'd like their age to be as they're setting up their profile. The best policy is to just put down the facts, or very close to the facts.

As a short man or heavy woman, you might feel compelled to add a few inches or take off a few pounds and before you do, think about this... If you're a short man and a woman is attracted to that, you're set. And if you're a heavy woman and a man is attracted to heavy women then you're also set. A potential disaster will be brewing if you lie about your height (or weight) because eventually you'll have to deal with the stress of that first meeting, yep, they'll notice and you WILL lose major cool points and there's also the possibility that you'll lose their trust too.

Talk about your likes and dislikes, especially if it's something in a mate that you absolutely could not live with. This could be his/her smoking habits, need to sunbath nude on the roof, getting totally coma drunk every weekend or really anything else that might "rub you the wrong way" (hmmmm, or the right way) in the long term. If you do not like something it's perfectly fine to mention it in your profile as this will certainly "weed out" all the people that would end up wasting time (yours and theirs). Don't list "everything" just a few of the more important ones.  

Likewise and probably more important to ensure your compatibility is to mention the things that you like to do, you know... your hobbies, favorite foods, taste in music. Nope, you don't have to reveal your entire life and personality online as a little mystery is always a good thing. Mentioning the type of relationship you seek will also align you to a similar person be it a short term relationship, friends, long term, physical only, marriage. If you're looking to get married one day, don't be afraid to say this, again you'll weed out those people looking for a friend only or just a warm body for a few hours (you know what I mean).

Be realistic. Not only on the type of people that you can expect to write to, chat, or meet, but also to your potential geographic limitations. If you live in Seattle and have the opportunity to meet thousands of other single people that's great, however if you live in Smallville where your prospects number about a dozen or less then you have some geographic decisions to make. Do you want him/her to drive a couple hours to see you or date you? Would you want to drive that long or more to see someone else? Or will you be realistic, possibly lower your expectations and date people locally, even if the selection isn't as great? I can tell you that I had already made my decision to drive no more then an hour to meet my soul mate since the biggest city was about 50 minutes away and anything beyond an hour would have been too long for me. You might prefer more or less and the bottom line is that as long as it works for both of you then that's perfectly fine.

One last thing before we move to the next section, remember to never post your personal information especially your telephone number, email address, home address or your last name. Once you've confirmed the other person as trustworthy should you give out your personal information. In most all dating sites they have what's called a double-blind email system that ensures your true identity is protected and safe up until that point where you decide to reveal it. 

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